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SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes (S4EA) is a non-profit sports program serving athletes with developmental disabilities ages 5 through adult in San Diego County. S4EA was founded over ten years ago by a group of coaches, parents, volunteers, and community members who found a need for a community based sports program for athletes with and without developmental disabilities.

The purpose of SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes is to create enhanced opportunities for people with and without disabilities to interact and form lasting bonds of friendship through shared sports and recreational activities in their community. Sports programs include: baseball, basketball, bocce, bowling, cross country & downhill skiing, cycling, floor hockey, figure skating, flag football, golf, judo, soccer, softball, speed skating, swimming, sailing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, table tennis, tennis, track, volleyball, walking and others. Children and adults participating in sports programs promote social adjustment, life satisfaction, family support, and community involvement. These events provide a much-needed venue for informal peer support and sharing of experiences among families of children with and without disabilities. Mildly strenuous exercise has been shown to reduce stereotypic movements, maladaptive behaviors, and fatigue in children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Take a look and see, who is behind SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes!


SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes is a volunteer-based community-wide program that needs your help. Volunteers are the backbone of our program. Volunteers are needed as coaches, meet volunteers, and for various other jobs.

Help change an athlete's life by volunteering!

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Our program offers both individual and team sports comprised of 10-12 weeks of training and competition.

The sports are divided into four Sports Seasons, with both individual and team sports in each season.

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