Food Donation

"A Taste 4 SPORTS" Needs your Donation of Food Items!

We would be proud to have you donate one or more menu items for the 2018 "A Taste 4 SPORTS" Gala Fundraiser.

For planning purposes, we are estimating approximately 350-400 people at "A Taste 4 SPORTS". Set up will be buffet style with guests moving from table to table to sample the food from the various restaurants. Restaurants participating in "A Taste 4 SPORTS" must prepare the food off-site; bring food, serving trays and utensils; provide 1-2 staff to serve the food from their table; and clean-up their serving station afterward. "A Taste 4 SPORTS" will provide 1 serving table and 1 work table, chairs, plates, cutlery and linen. A sink is available for clean-up.


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